Personalised custom printed latex & foil balloons, banners, bunting, badges, napkins, ribbons and helium

Helium gas (balloon gas) comes in either small sealed canisters that are disposed of when empty, or in refillable pressurised cylinders which are rented then returned when finished with.  We supply a range of cylinder sizes to suit most needs.  In order to keep prices low, we only charge at cost for delivery and rental.  Filling kits (to release the helium from the cylinders) are free.


Delivery is charged per location regardless of the number of cylinders and the price includes collection afterwards from the same location.  Collection from & return to a local depot or agent is included in the cylinder price.  Please note the weight of the cylinders, particularly the "L" size as this needs two people to move it.  There's an initial rent-free period of two weeks after which rental applies at a daily rate.  A deposit is required, fully refundable when the equipment is returned intact and any lost or damaged equipment will need to be charged for.


Float times for the range of latex balloons we supply and print on are approx 12 hours for the 10" standards, 14 hours for the 12" standards and 16 hours for the 12" pearlised.  Foil balloons will float for around a week or more.  These times are only approximate and can be affected by the environment.


Helium is a safe gas when used correctly.  It's non-toxic, non-explosive, and non-flammable.  However, it is an asphyxiant which makes it dangerous when inhaled in place of oxygen.  This article by one of the helium suppliers explains the risks.  The refillable cylinders are heavy and should be secured in a vehicle, ideally strapped to an anchor point such as those used for child safety seats, and care needs to be taken about where to site the cylinder when in use.



These are small and lightweight and after use should be disposed of according to local council guidelines, usually at your local amenity facility or refuse recycling centre (whatever the "in" name is for what we all know as "the tip"!).
Each cylinder will fill approx 50 x 9" latex balloons, 40 x 10" latex, 27 x 12" latex, or 25 x 18" foil balloons.
Price £25.95 each
delivery £8 - balloons etc can be included in this delivery price


      Approx number of balloons inflated   Volume Weight Height

Cylinder size

Price   10" latex 12" latex 18" foils   cubic m kg cm
      V £70   200 110 125   1.81 16 97
      N10 -   290 165 180   2.61 12 65.5
      T £90   400 220 250   3.6 29.5 91
      N20 -   575 330 360   5.21 25 87
      N30 -   860 495 535   7.82 49 105
      L £135   1,000 580 620   9 76.5 151
Discount on multiple cylinders - please ask

Collection from local agent or depot is included in the price, alternatively these can be delivered to you

Delivery £45 per location, any quantity


per day each cylinder (from day 15 onwards)

No hire charge for inflators (filling kits)


First 14 days rental is included


NB: the V, T & L cylinders are via BOC and the N10, N20 & N30 cylinders are via Air Products.

Please bear this in mind when calculating your requirements as using cylinders from both suppliers will

result in two delivery charges, and their equipment is not compatible.

NOTE: Air Products cylinders are not currently available via ourselves (too expensive!)


The figures given above for the approximate number of balloons that can be inflated with each cylinder

are a guide only, given by the suppliers, and assuming balloons are inflated to the correct sizes.


All items remain the property of the supplier.  Lost or damaged items will be

charged for at £195 for each cylinder and £45 for each filling kit.

A deposit is required (usually £50), fully refundable when the items are returned undamaged.


Prices are quoted ex vat

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