Personalised custom printed latex & foil balloons, banners, bunting, badges, napkins, ribbons and helium

Personalised custom printed paper napkins / serviettes in a range of colours, in 2-ply or 3-ply.  Also available in beverage / cocktail size (20cm) 2ply.


Napkins are hot-foil stamped or ink screen printed, depending on the print colour required.


Setup and delivery are included.  Your own logo or design at no extra cost.



100 200 300 500 750 1,000
2ply Lunch size (33cm) 38.15 53.40 70.60 107.90 117.95 125.95
2ply Dinner size (40cm) 38.85 57.65 76.40 116.80 127.75 136.50
3ply Dinner size (40cm) 40.65 60.50 80.26 122.75 134.29 143.50

Allow 10 working days for despatch - add 10% for orders required within 10 days, or 20% for orders within 5 days.

These prices are for a one colour print - extra print colours quoted on sight of artwork

Prices are quoted ex vat

        Example of napkin /serviette print layout         

Most paper napkins / serviettes have an embossed border and our default is to print across the outer corner as shown above, so that when the napkin is diagonally folded the print is the correct way round.  It's no problem to print them differently to this though, just describe what you need.





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